Persona que es muy fuerte en sus avances; atrevido.


Someone that is too aggressive in his or her approach; shameless; daring.

Sinónimos (Synonyms): Osado; desvergonzado; audaz ( (Insolent; cheeky; sassy; disrespectful) ).

Ejemplos (Examples):

  • Vino bien fresca a pedirme dinero prestado acabándome de conocer.
    She was cheeky enough to ask me if I could lend her some money without even knowing me.
  • El muy fresco se presentó a la fiesta sin tan siquiera traer una botella de vino.
    That shameless idiot showed up to the party and didn’t even bring a bottle of wine for us.
  • Es un fresco que hace sentir a las mujeres incómodas.
    He comes off as disrespectful and insolent in his approach and ends up making women very uncomfortable.