(Sustantivo – femenino)
Algo que ocurre por suerte o casualidad.

(Noun – feminine)

A lucky or fortunate event; something that happens even thought it is unlikely for it to do so; something that happens out of sheer luck.

Sinónimos (Synonyms): Pura casualidad; fortuna; afortunadamente ( (Good luck; fortunately) ).

Ejemplos (Examples):

  • Logré pasar el examen de chiripa porque no estudié nadie.
    I passed the test out of sheer luck because I did not study a thing.
  • Entró a la fiesta de chiripa porque no estaban dejando pasar a personas no invitadas.
    He was able to get into the party out of sheer luck because they were not allowing in people who were not on the list.
  • El equipo de Puerto Rico ganó el mundial por pura chiripa porque el equipo contra el que estaban jugando era uno de los mejores.
    The Puerto Rican team won the world series out of sheer luck because the team they were going against is one of the best.